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Top 5 Affiliate Programs at Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams

Top 5 Affiliate Programs

Published May 9th, 2007 in Affiliate Programs Tags: No Tags.

Many of you will be aware of Problogger's Group Writing Project . I thought I would snatch up this opportunity because it's a great chance summarize my list of recommended affiliate programs, which at the moment conveniently consists of five affiliate money making programs.

1. SFI has a huge number of affiliates and despite having very high commission rates, a good range of products and being around for ages their main feature is the training. They have an incredible amount of information available to teach affiliate marketers how to make money with affiliate programs.

SFI are an affiliate site for those of you who are looking to start a real internet business, whether you are a beginner or a super affiliate I would highly recommend them. You can make money with SFI by referring new affiliates as well as selling their products. Read my full review of SFI here.

2. BlueHost comes a very close second to SFI only because you cannot earn by referring new affiliates like you can with SFI. BlueHost are a web hosting company that allows you to easily manage domain names, web stats and Wordpress installation all in one simple package. You earn $65 per sale.

These qualities make them so easy to promote, because there are so many good things to say about and I find that my passion (if someone can have 'passion' about web hosting!) shows through when I write about them.

Bluehost's Single greatest feature:The Customer service, which is in the form on 'LiveHelp' on their homepage, I have used it many times and received useful and simple answers. Read my full review here.

3. SEO Book, is believe it or not is a book about SEO. It is written By Aaron Wall and has been a huge success for him, the affiliates (us) and the buyers (some of us). There are ample simple tools available for promoting it, each sale is worth $25 and you start with a tantalizing $20 in your account.

BlueHost beats SEO Book because every webmaster needs web hosting, but only a (large) portion will be interested in SEO. SEO Book is a great product to promote on ' online money making blogs', which there are a lot of these days!

4. Text Link Ads used to be a major income earner for me, however, they have slipped down 'the rankings' (albeit not very far down) because it has become more difficult to make the sales. The market for selling Text Link Ads has become somewhat saturated, with everyone either being a member, or not being a member (duh!).

Why are they still in the recommended affiliate programs section?
- They are reliable.
- They pay a good flat rate of $25 for referred advertisers and publishers.
- They have a well known and trusted brand name.
Read my full review here.

5. CashCrate are a PTO (paid to complete offers) program. I confess this is pushing the term 'affiliate programs' pretty far, but their referral program has much the same needs and produces the same results as an affiliate program (money!).

CashCrate is the king of PTO for American residents and great for non-US residents (like me!) to promote. They have frequent contests and are still offering $1 bonuses for every active referral. Read my full review here.

And those are my current top 5 affiliate money making programs! They are likely to change, with some being knocked off that list by competitors; but I hope you all make lots of money online with them!

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