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Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams

Affiliate Programs and Internet Scams

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My SFI Review demonstrated the potential of the SFI affiliate program and I was very happy to add it to the recommended affiliate programs section. The main gripe I had with SFI is that the vast expanse of materials they have available for affiliates can be a little overwhelming. Their 'compensation plan' is 6 pages long and so I thought a simpler version is required.

6 different earning options available to Affiliates
Options 1-3 are available to non-upgraded 'basic level' affiliates. Any combination can be used, providing the required 'level' of affiliate is reached. You need to gather 10 'SVP' gain Executive Affiliate (EA) status.

1. Retail Commissions are the bread and butter of SFI. As a basic affiliate you earn 30% commission on all the products you sell (there is a wide range of products), as an EA this doubles to 60% commission.

2. ClickBucks is the simplest, quickest but in the long run may be less lucrative of all the programs . $1-4 is earned for each affiliate you personally 'sponsor' (refer) to SFI depending on their activity afterwards.

If the affiliates you refer are repeatedly inactive you will be blocked from using ClickBux. The affiliates you sponsor are added to your over all Powerline but you do not count as being their personal sponsor. This means you do not get the Executive Matches or Team matches from them (read on to find out about these). Sponsorship of the affiliates is awarded to other SFI affiliates who have purchased 'Eagle Co-op' units.

Clickbucks is a good way to start with SFI because each $2 you earn from it earns you 1 SVP. I think it is the quickest and easiest way to reach EA status other than actually buying SFI products yourself. I suggest starting with Clickbux until you reach the required 10SVP to gain EA status that first month and then help your affiliates to do the same.

3. Fundraisers is the third and final way to make money with SFI affiliate program at a basic affiliate level. It involves you referring charity/non-profit organisations to SFI who can then sell products using SFI's 'Nice Offers' division. The charity earn a big commission and you earn 7.5%, which doubles to 15% if you have EA status for each sale the charity makes.

Tasty Earning Options available to Executive Affiliates

4. The Executive Bonus is in my opinion the most juicy earning stream because all it requires is gaining EA status and then you start to earn. Every new member who joins SFI (not just your referrals, this is anyone in the world ever!) is put into your Powerline. I have been a SFI affiliate for a little over a week not and there are currently 15871 affiliates in my Powerline! The precise percentage of earnings is not revealed. It is bound to be a small percentage or this earning channel would cost SFI far too much. However, it continually grows and grows with no effort and as long as you upgrade before the deadline (of about 1 month after signing up) your position in the Powerline is 'locked in'.

5. Executive Match is simply a 'matching' bonus, varying from 50%-200% of what ever your personally sponsored affiliates Executive bonus is. This is another passive income stream which only requires you and your affiliates have EA status.

Earnings Example for the Executive Match

6. Team Matches are only available to Team Leaders which is the level above EA status. You earn an 8% match of all your referrals' referrals (over 7 levels deep) earnings from their Executive bonus. This is as far as SFI goes towards being a 'pyramid scheme' and is only a tiny part of what SFI is really about. It's a way of creating a further bonus for super affiliates.

Believe it or not that is actually a summary of the compensation plans. If there is one thing I can conclude it is that SFI is a commitment and in no way a get rich quick scheme but success with SFI isn't anything unachievable. All the information to teach you to be successful with affiliate programs is freely given (see my review if you don't believe me!) and with EA status residual income streams are created instantly.

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