Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Following numerous explorations of the wireless space, Disney launches a consumer-oriented web site devoted to its wireless content offerings.

The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) has launched its first comprehensive consumer web site devoted to its wireless content offerings. The web site will provide consumers with information regarding Disney Mobile content offerings and purchases as well as product demonstrations.

"We've seen significant growth in both consumer awareness and usage of our mobile content over the past year, primarily driven by carriers' marketing efforts. We now believe the U.S. market has matured to a point that allows us to begin marketing directly to our customers," said Larry Shapiro, executive vice president of business development and operations for WDIG.

In recent research conducted by WDIG, more than half of the respondents surveyed ranked carrier web sites as their primary source of mobile content information.

The site offers Disney Mobile information on the latest downloadable content for mobile phones, including games, graphics, ring tones, and Disney mobile greeting cards. In each section of the site, visitors can view product descriptions, content demonstrations and information on carriers that offer the content, as well as information detailing where to find the content within each carrier's menu system. The games section will also provide information on how to play individual games. Content can also be viewed by individual Disney character or property: for example, graphics from Disney/Pixar's "Finding Nemo" can be found in the graphics section or on a "Finding Nemo" aggregate page.

Shortly after launch, the site will allow Sprint wireless subscribers to enter their phone number and send a message, directly to their PCS Vision phone, which includes a link to the requested Disney game. By accessing the link via the handset, subscribers can review the game and purchase it via their handset, if they choose to do so.

Handset manufacturer Samsung will be the exclusively featured handset provider on the new web site, and Disney will work with Samsung, which will be the exclusively featured handset provider on the new web site, to provide content of popular Disney characters to the manufacturer's customer base. In the near future, Disney content will also be available on Samsung's entertainment web site, Samsung Fun Club.


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