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Over the last five years, a plethora of social networking sites (SNS) has appeared, the most popular of these sites are currently ranked as some of the most-viewed websites on the internet, attracting millions of users around the world. The top three social networking sites in the U.S. according to Alexa's traffic rankings were MySpace (No. 3 overall), Facebook (No. 5) and LinkedIn (No. 34), as of December 1, 2007. The Pew Internet Project has reported extensively on teenagers' use of social networking websites, finding that 55% of online teens have created an online profile and that most restrict access to them in some way. Looking at adults, creation of social networking profiles is much lower (just 20%), but those who do maintain profiles appear to do so in a much more transparent way. Looking at all adult internet users who maintain an online profile, 82% say that their profile is currently visible compared with 77% of online teens who report this. Among adults who say they have a visible profile, 60% say that profile can be seen by anyone who happens upon it, while 38% say their profile is only accessible to friends. However, teens with visible profiles appear to make more conservative choices with respect to visibility, just 40% said their profile was visible to anyone, while 59% restricted their profile to friends only.

IQ Report

50% of 18-29 year-old internet users have created a social networking profile, compared with 15% of 30-49 year-old internet users and 8% of 50-64 year-old internet users. Overall, 47% of adult internet users say they think it would be "pretty easy" for someone to find them, compared with 29% who think someone would have to work at it, but could find them eventually. Another 17% believe it would be "very difficult" for someone to locate or contact them based on the information they found online. Men are somewhat more likely than women to think that it would be "pretty easy" to locate them using online resources; 50% of online men reported this compared with 43% of online women. About half of internet users age 30 and older think it would be pretty easy for someone to locate them, compared with one third of younger internet users. Teens who maintain an online profile are relatively confident about their level of accessibility online. Fully 36% say they think it would be "very difficult" for someone to identify them from their online profile. Forty percent of teens with profiles online think that it would be hard for someone to find out who they are from their profile, but that they could eventually be found online. And 23% of teen profile creators said it would be "pretty easy" for someone to find out who they are from the information posted to their profile. When asked a more general question about the availability of personal information online (not only that which is posted to a profile), internet users age 18 to 29 nearly match their teen counterparts: 25% say it would be "very difficult" for someone to locate or contact them based on the information they find online. Forty percent of internet users age 18 to 29 say someone would have to work at it but they could locate them eventually. And 33% of young adult internet users say it would "pretty easy" for someone to locate them based on online information. 

Social Networking Statistics 
55% of portal visitors might defect to social networks
34% of companies do not monitor employee usage of the Internet
67% of tech journalists cite blogs as their sources
Social networks made $400 mln in revenues in 2006
72% of social networking users would never pay to use the site
33% of European advertisers to have social networking presence
39% of Web users know what widgets are
Global ad spending on social networks to top $4 bln in 2011
65% of video consumers prefer professional video to user-generated

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