Friday, December 14, 2007

How to leverage YouTube for Search | MediaPost

YouTube's director of advertising Suzie Reider is a display marketing expert with her eyes on the search marketplace.

She aimed to prove that although keyword search on YouTube doesn't work the same way that it does on Google — you can still buy ads in specific categories and have them show up when users search. For example, if you chose the health and beauty category, when users search for content like the Dove Evolution video, your ad will run against it.

So here are the four tips for crafting good, searchable ads for YouTube and the ads that illustrate them :

1 - create commercials that work as content — Jump It by Xbox 360 (didn't look like an ad until the very end)

2 - let users know that you understand the context — Saw III by Lion's Gate Films (allows users to come and create their own responses)

3 - encourage interactivity — Tax Rap by Intuit (sponsored a contest for people to rap about their taxes)

4 - be ready for what comes back — Slob Evolution (a parody of the Dove evolution ad that showed how to create on obese unhealthy image using booze, cigarettes and Photoshop)

// by Tameka Kee
// December 13th, 2007

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