Friday, November 16, 2007

Grow More Comfortable with Web 2.0 Tools

More than 36% of Web users "highly trust" the information they receive from friends and acquaintances in their online social networks, according to a new social internet survey by The number jumps to 90% when including those that "moderately trust" their social network contacts. In contrast, just 4% highly trust content/opinions from vendors or advertisers, 4% highly trust comments on blogs or forums, and 3% highly trust news communities such as Digg or Reddit. The same survey found that 34% of respondents visit a social-networking site at least weekly.

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Some 69% of respondents said they use the internet at least weekly to keep up with friends and family, 48% to follow a favorite hobby, and 53% to follow special interests. While more people are using the internet for social networking and for tracking topics they find interesting, only 25% of respondents said the internet definitely met their needs with regard to following favorite hobbies, and 29% with regard to following special interests. While half of the people surveyed use the web to track special interests, only 8% of them are using social news sites to do it.

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