Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Using Press Releases to Get Free Publicity

Using Press Releases to Get Free Publicity

How Can a Press Release Help You Get Free Publicity?

What is a Press Release?

A press release or, news release as it is also called, is a condensed article that is written in a journalistic style. A press release is not a sales document, resume, or an advertisement. The purpose of the news release is to highlight what is interesting and newsworthy about your company or organization. This can include announcing product releases, new services, or drama within your market.

What are the Press Release Costs?

Press releases are relatively inexpensive to prepare and distribute. Compare the price of a full-page ad from a major news publication – generally tens of thousands of dollars. Even local papers typically charge several thousand dollars. For less than a few hundred dollars, you can receive better, more comprehensive coverage than paid advertising. Research shows that most news releases generate a higher return than even high powered ad campaigns.

Free Publicity

When members of the news media feature your story pulled from your press release, free publicity is being generated. Frequently, your story can show up not only in one major newspaper, but in three, as well as in news talk shows carried on major networks such as NBC or CBS. If you are looking to publicize in local markets only, releases can be directed to those local publications and hit editor’s news feeds who write for your specific industry. If you are looking for global coverage, news releases are the best marketing tools. In a sense, a press release is a gift that just keeps giving.

News releases not only reach journalists but they also capture potential customers and/or investors which means that your products and/or services can be both funded and be made more profitable simply based on the media attention your release receives. Whatever your target audience may be, news releases offer you a way to become known to the public without a significant investment. Even large corporations who spend millions of dollars on ad campaigns continue to use news releases to maintain public interest which results in higher revenue.

Added Benefits for Sending a Press Release

Another advantage to sending out news releases is that there is always demand. All news organizations, to include magazine editors, broadcast, and industry specific editors use press releases to develop the bulk of their published news stories. From a consumer stand point, editors who report on your news release are considered disinterested parties, meaning that your announcement was chosen because of public demand for relevant and useful information. Often, paid advertising is suspect in the customer’s eye because companies are more interested in their products selling than what is in the best interest of their customers.

To sum up, the benefits to sending out news releases include:

  • low cost
  • increased visibility for your company
  • high demand for press releases
  • added credibility for your organization
  • new customers
  • new investors
  • free publicity

This free publicity generated from your news release is all the better because the media has given its stamp of approval which adds credibility and value to your company or organization.

PRWeb Direct Services

PRWeb Direct Services provide expertise at every stage of the news release process. From rough draft to final copy, from copy to edit/polish, from search engine optimization to tracking, and finally the extensive distribution and coverage networks, our experience and proficiency deliver results.

NewsCrafters™ Writing Services

NewsCrafters is the writing arm of PRWeb. Our staff is made up of experienced seasoned writing professionals who understand marketing, news, editing and quality news release writing. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills and providing you with the best services possible. No release is final till you are completely satisfied.

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  • The $149 Rough draft to final copy is essentially a rewrite for your targeted audience.
  • If you are beginning from scratch, we offer a $299 package that includes mining your website for relevant material, a rough draft and final copy that provides the hook needed to compete for editorial attention and interest.

Research has shown that editors take approximately 7 seconds to read your headlines and first paragraph. Style and content win out over other less crafted releases. NewsCrafters are masters of style and copy and can bring your news story to the forefront.

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