Thursday, September 14, 2006

Metric: Mobile TV rev grew 67%

According to a recent report from Telephia, mobile TV revenue grew 67 percent quarter-over-quarter to $86 million. Other interesting stats from the report: Last quarter, there were 3.7 million mobile TV subscribers and that number has grown 45 percent since the beginning of the year. The report also includes some Nielsen-like ratings of viewership for top mobile channels:

1. ABC News--40 percent
2. The Weather Channel--32 percent
3. Fox Sports--31 percent
4. ESPN--29 percent
5. Fox News--22 percent
6. NBC Mobile News--20 percent
7. Comedy Central--16 percent
8. AccuWeather--15 percent
8. Discovery Kids--15 percent
10. Discovery Channel--13 percent
11. CNN--12 percent
11. E!--12 percent

For more on the Telephia report:
- see this press release

- Check our Web site for live coverage of CTIA IT, sponsored by  mBlox.

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