Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Google Becomes A Mobile Marketing Company

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This is another step in Google turning into a mobile marketing powerhouse.

They have a couple applications to follow that will quickly weed out a number of the companies in this space.

From RCR Wireless Google intros mobile ads service

Google Inc. has joined the mobile marketing playground with a wireless version of its AdWords service.

The Internet giant quietly launched the offering that allows AdWords customers to place marketing messages—including clickable links—in listings retrieved through Google's mobile search service

AdWords customers can develop their own mobile advertisements and marketing campaigns, and can set daily budgets, establish scheduled marketing messages and pay only when consumers click the ad or call the business.

Google is working to patent a system for click-through ad placements that determines the type of device being used and automatically takes a user to a mobile Web site or places a voice call, depending on the phone's capabilities

Google is slowly creating a one-stop shop for all of your advertising needs for any medium and mobile marketing is at the top of their list.

They will start by using keywords and their SMS shortcode as a "mobile marketing portal ". They can sell keywords to be used with 46645. There's more to text messaging that text-to-win campaigns. For more information, send FORD to 46645.

This will lead to a Google Mobile search window.

At some point I envision Google will offer a free domain registry of sorts for 2d codes . Register your site, or ad with a free Google 2d Code. They can give them away as freebie just to get you to use them in print advertising.

Verisign, AOL or Yahoo could do the same, but could they have the same impact?

These 2d codes will be used on a website, or any print advertising. Instead of typing in lengthy web address, users will scan a 2d code with their camera phone and be taken to the advertiser's site of choice.

How will Google make money?

Click to call, and click to surf, instead of pay-per-click, will be the two additional advertising services they can add. Add the web analytics and try to put a monetary figure on that.

Not only will Google generate revenues by selling print ad space, but they know specifically how many people interacted with that ad and charge for that feature too. They also know who, what type of mobile phone, when and where, that ad reached. Very powerful stuff for an advertiser.

Expect a quick consolidation of the number of mobile marketing companies shortly.

Will all of this happen tomorrow? No. But will it happen, I feel pretty confident in saying "yes".

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