Friday, September 15, 2006

Consumers Still in the Dark About Mobile Games

The mobile games developer, Glu Mobile has published the results of research conducted in conjunction with U30 Group. Glu's research indicates that a lack of collective knowledge about mobile games has caused consumers to fixate on the limitations of the mobile phone as a gaming device instead of on the convenience and affordability that mobile games offer. The research also found that consumers are unaware of the variety and quality of mobile games available today, do not know where to go to find information about the games, and therefore have low expectations for the mobile gaming experience.

"Too many publishers are solely focused on putting pressure on the carriers for better deck placement and are failing to present alternative marketing solutions to build better awareness among the general population," said Jill Braff, general manager of the Americas and senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Glu Mobile. "The industry will benefit in the long-term if we collectively focus on building awareness and meeting the desires and expectations of the consumer."

Glu's research, which included qualitative information from a series of focus groups and quantitative data from surveys, demonstrated consumer interest in the ability to preview or play a demo of games so that they have an experience on which to base their purchase decision. Though high and low volume gamers differed slightly on how they would prefer to learn about new games, the research showed overall consumer interest in learning about games from other people through communal ratings and reviews.

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