Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Viral Mobile Politics

Estatut SiSpain has a great tradition of using the mobile as a viral tool for matters that matter to the people. Spain has one of most interesting case studies on the role of SMS in the Spanish elections of 2004, and there is this very spanish phenomenon of the ' Macro-Botellóns' organized by internet mailings and SMS.

Now the mobile is used as a viral tool to spread a political message. Next Sunday, June 18, Catalans are asked to vote by referendum on the new negotiated text of the Estatut - which defines more autonomy for the region of Catalonia. To spare you the risk for a too long blogpost, I will not get into the political details of this here.

The interesting part for us, mobile passionates, is how PSC - Catalan part of the PSOE of Spanish president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero uses the mobile as a viral instrument to spread a message, a week before the referendum, to vote in favour of the yes…"".

PSOE Bluetooth

During the four meetings PSOE PSC organizes before the referendum, Barcelona-based ubiqua created a Bluetooth booth where party members can download video's, ringtones and images to their mobile phones to help spread the "Sí" message on the street. Partcipants can also send their SMS messages to big screens and receive another viral SMS message in return to spread to friends and relatives… ¡Pásalo!

Check all the viral marketing ideas they have worked out to organise the "Sí" campaign to support the yes vote. Have a look, even if you don't understand Spansih or Catalan, it's well done and visual.

FYI: the last meeting on Friday will be transmitted live and streamed for any 3G users in Spain, accessible through all 3 operators. I'll promise to update you after the weekend on the results ;-)

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