Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Verizon Wireless Launches Tasty New Chocolate Phone

Aug 01, 2006 - Show original item Verizon Wireless introduced the VX8500, or LG "Chocolate" phone, which is a hybrid handset that is one part cell phone and one part MP3-player. The company is betting the new phone and changes in its V CAST service fees will sweeten the pot and attract new subscribers. The Chocolate phone is already a bona fide hit with consumers, according to LG, which says it has sold more than 1 million handsets since its international launch outside South Korea. This is the first time the Chocolate phone is being sold in the U.S. The phone's award-winning design is a major component to its success. It is a slider phone with a sleek, super-thin design that prominently features an iPod-like clickwheel when closed. Once opened, the phone exposes a glowing red touch sensitive keypad. Music for Chocolate Looks aside, the phone offers music and video functionality that Verizon hopes will prove attractive to the younger set. Chocolate phone users can browse, preview, download and play high-quality digital music from a catalogue of more than 1.3 million songs with Verizon Wireless' V Cast download service. The "instant downloads" are delivered in Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA) format and can also be played on a PC with Windows Media Player 10 installed or any other compatible digital audio player. The phone also allows users to download MP3 or WMA-formatted files from their personal collection. But convenience does not come cheaply, and users on the go who want immediate downloads will pay more. Songs downloaded over the air (OTA) directly to the Chocolate phone will cost $1.99, while tracks downloaded to a PC and transferred to the phone via USB cable only run only $0.99. For Chocolate Lovers The V Cast service offers a slew of video clips including music videos of hit songs, sporting events and newscasts. Consumers can also...

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