Sunday, July 9, 2006

ATT: NTT Docomo i-area services


This is available with FOMA.This is available with mova.

Quick and easy access to area information

i-area is a service that automatically selects and displays i-mode content related to the location of the i-mode user. Users do not select service areas since the base stations automatically recognize their location.

A few examlpe of situations where i-area comes in handy

Types of Content


Check the forecasts for your area.


View the area you are presently in.

Gourmet/Town Information

Information regarding nearby places to eat or visit.


Get information on cinemas and current movies in your area.


See what's available in your area and make reservations.

Train Connections

Check train schedules and connections for your area.


Find the latest road information for your area.

noticeSome sites are available in Japanese only.

noticeActual screens may differ from those shown above.

noticeMenu categories, formats, and screen content are subject to change.

noticei-mode information charges apply for some sites.

noticeService contents vary depending on Content Providers.

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