Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Linux crew take their bat and ball home

fonte: http://www.imodestrategy.com/2006/06/_060618_weekly_.html

Linuxpenguin News of the mobile Linux partnership is all over - Motorola, NEC, Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics, DoCoMo and Vodafone - and guess who's not coming to dinner?  Microsoft and Nokia will be eating alone, and I'm not sure that this worries either, although Nokia should be just a little nervous.

I know it pains many readers but I'm repeating my prediction that Microsoft will dominate handset software.  Symbian is in trouble and the Linux party boys will no doubt do a good job of that.

Here's a squizz at an Indian view on Microsoft from the Financial Express of India with an interesting snippet about Softbank which may also be getting ahead of itself:

Microsoft teamed up with Japanese Toshiba, Victor and NTT DoCoMo, and announced the imminent launch of "Apple iPod killer" for the Japanese market. Apple is planning to launch mobile phones with built-in iPod capability with Softbank partnership; Softbank after acquiring Vodafone, Japan, has become the leading mobile phone service provider in Japanese market.

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