Thursday, April 27, 2006

Online, Satellite, HD Radio and Podcasting

As media continues to fragment, advertisers are looking for a new way to extend their media dollar and to achieve results with consumers. Innovation and experimentation will lead to insights into how to leverage these new digital radio platforms for the more effective media plan. In a recent survey Arbitron found 12% U.S. population has listened to Internet Radio and 27 million Americans have listen to a podcast. A typical podcast attracts a higher concentration of upper-income households, with 22% earning more that $100K per year. Roughly half of teenagers own an iPod or other digital music player.

Internet Radio (streaming)
Those who have listened in the past month
* 52 million Americans
* 21% of U.S. population 12+

Those who have listened online in the last week
* 30 million Americans
* 12% of U.S . population 12+
* 19% of Adults 18-34
* 16% of Adult 18-49

Satellite Radio (Sirius & XM)
* 61% of Americans have heard of XM Satellite Radio
* 61% of Americans have heard of Sirius Satellite Radio
* 11% of total sample 12+ subscribe
* 27% have a household income of $100K or more

Audio Podcasting
* 22% of U.S. population 12+ are familiar with podcasting
* 11% of U.S. population 12+ have ever listened
* 21% of Persons 12-17 have ever listened

HD Radio
* 14% of U.S. population 12+ have recently read or heard about HD Radio
* 35% of U.S. population 12+ are very/somewaht interested
* 52% of Persons 12-17 are very/somewhat interested

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