Thursday, April 27, 2006

ATT: Nokia expects more user-generated content on mobile Web

First posted 07:23pm (Mla time) April 26, 2006
By Alexander Villafania

HONG KONG--While mobile telecommunications providers worldwide are spurring on content providers to target the mobile space, Nokia is expecting that half of web content accessible to mobile phones would be user-generated.

Nokia Asia Pacific Multimedia Experiences director Jawahar Kanjilal said much of the streaming content that will appear on Internet-ready mobile phones would be created by the phone users themselves . Likewise, the other half of the content would be transactional -- meaning services offered by the telecommunications firms and their service provider partners.

Kanjilal said that many countries worldwide are already deploying 3G (third-generation) networks, which have a higher bandwidth capacity, allowing richer multimedia content to be uploaded and distributed to many users.

Just as with the home computer, Kanjilal said that browsing and e-mail would still be the most popular types of activities on the mobile phone, but as widespread adoption of mobile technology becomes prevalent, users would start using the Internet to post their own unique content.

Among the most sought-after features of new mobile phones are the camera and music playback functions, which allow people to take and upload photos or videos, as well as play a user's choice of music.

"It's personal empowerment, especially when mobile phones become commodities and people prefer to use them over their PCs . With their phones, they could share photos, videos and post these on their blogs. The more the devices and services are available, the more user content can be generated," Kanjilal said.

A Nokia-sponsored research conducted last year, which covered 5,500 respondents in 11 countries, showed that 44 percent want to replace their standalone digital cameras with phones that have integrated cameras.

Another 67 percent want to use their phones to download music and browse the Internet .

Nokia recently launched three new Nseries models that they dubbed as multimedia computers instead of mobile phones. These are the N72, N73 and N93 units, each with web browsing, video recording and music playback functions, with at least a two-megapixel camera resolution and direct-to-PC connection.

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